The leading standard of excellence in the field of environmental responsibility and sustainable operation in the tourism industry.

Green policy

The Green Key eco-label is the leading standard of excellence in the field of environmental responsibility and sustainable operation in the tourism industry. The Green Key assures all guests that by choosing a certified tourist facility, they directly contribute to the protection of the environment. As bearers of this label, we maintain high environmental standards, which we prove with meticulous documentation and frequent inspections.



Our environmental policy

Our various efforts aimed at preserving the environment and facilitating a sustainable operation are fundamental pillars of our business model, with which we strive to benefit our local area both socially and environmentally. We have therefore adopted the following principles:
  • We will strive to reduce the negative impact our operation has on the environment. We shall achieve this by saving energy and water, as well as reducing waste (reduce, reuse, recycle).
  • Every year, we will set new environmental goals, and constantly monitor our success in implementing sustainable solutions.
  • We will put a lot of focus on educating and training staff on our environmental and sustainable efforts. We want our employees to be committed to our green policy, and be aware of all its benefits, because only then will they truly want to implement the proposed measures, as well as look for further sustainable solutions on their own initiative.
  • We will pass on our knowledge of and commitment to sustainability to you, the guests. We will use different ways to encourage you to play an active role in our environmental efforts.
  • When buying produce and other products, we will give priority to organic and local products.
  • We will be committed to actively connecting with the local area. From obtaining as much of our produce and products from local producers as possible, to promoting local cuisine, culture, and natural resources.


Some tips for saving water and electricity:

  • Various chargers (for laptops, mobile phones, etc.) continue to consume electricity even when not in use, as long as they remain plugged in. When you don’t need them, don’t leave them plugged into the outlet.
  • The most economical light is a switched off light, so we try to turn off the lights wherever we don’t need them.
  • We try to adjust the amount of hot water flowing from the tap according to our actual needs.
  • We try to always turn off the tap when we don’t need water.
  • Also be considerate when using and setting the temperature on the air conditioner.


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We're on a holiday.

Dear guests,

Our restaurant will be closed from 8th January until 13th of February 2023. We want to give our personnel a short holiday after a long season and prepare for the next season with tasting menus.

Thank you for understanding and hope to see you after we open.