Stara gostilna (Old restaurant) is the reason why you don’t come to Piran just for the sea. Stara gostilna invites you on a special journey to experience the luxury of authentic flavours, just a few steps from the Piran promenade.

We are one of the oldest restaurants in Piran, but our chef lives the third millennium. We combine local culinary heritage with youthful imagination and talent. This is why Stara gostilna is actually always young.


The cuisine of Stara gostilna focuses on the local environment, which has a long-standing tradition of salt-making and is rooted in the city of love with timeless romance. The temperament of the Mediterranean, the play of the seasons, and the youthful enthusiasm of the chef intertwine with the flavours on the plates.

We shape the future with a creative transformation of the culinary past of the local environment and the best ingredients. Old is only in the name, while the new and the young are on full display on our plates..

A Valentine's Day Menu of Elevated Seafood Delights

Indulge in a decadent and romantic dining experience this Valentine's Day at our Michelin plate awarded restaurant. Our menu features a collection of carefully crafted dishes, each composed of the freshest and most flavorful ingredients.

The greatest happiness in life is the conviction that we are loved; loved for ourselves, or rather, loved in spite of ourselves.

― Victor Hugo

Indulge in Love

Begin with a succulent course of crab, elevated by the delicate herbaceousness of tarragon and the tartness of rhubarb.

Next, savor a medley of fresh flavors, including the anise notes of fennel, the bright citrus of apple, and the crisp crunch of seasonal greens.

Savor a stunning plate of seared scallops, paired with the sweet juiciness of grapes and the unique tanginess of quince.

Indulge in a perfectly roasted quail, accompanied by a vibrant mix of bitter raddichio, earthy beet, rich black garlic, and tender cabbage.

Experience the ultimate in seafood sophistication with a juicy monkfish, finished with the nuttiness of chestnuts and the crisp crunch of celery.

Savor a beautifully cooked sea bass, accompanied by the nutty taste of broccoli and the aromatic essence of lemon grass.

Finish with a sweet and satisfying creamy pumpkin and juicy persimmon.

End on a high note with a unique dish featuring the floral notes of lavender, the sweetness of black grapes, and the creamy indulgence of white chocolate, all balanced by the unique saltiness of salicornia.

Treat your special someone to an unforgettable meal at our Michelin plate awarded restaurant, where each course is an artful expression of fine dining.

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